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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Polygel Last?

Polygel can last up to three weeks. Like acrylic nails, you can infill your nails at home so you never have to be without fabulous talons.

How Do You Remove Polygel?

Polygel is softer than acrylic, making it easy to remove!

You can remove your polygel nails with the included NailJealy nail file.

Alternatively, you can soak your polygel nails in acetone for a quick and painless removal. 

Do I Need To Be A Skilled Nail Technician?

Not at all! Using the NailJealy nail forms (included in your starter kit), you can easily shape and design the perfect nails - no training required!

Will Polygel Damage My Nails?

No! Polygel is lightweight on your nails and when applied and removed correctly, doesn't harm the natural nail.

Your nails will also grow underneath the polygel nail.

What Colours Are Available?

Choose from three unique kits, each containing five colours each:

Play, Glow and Sparkle

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