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How Do I Apply Polygel?

How Do I Apply Polygel?

Polygel is one of the easiest ways to get perfect nails without visiting a salon. Wanting to learn how to apply polygel? You're in the right place.

Clean and prep the nail

The first step is always the most important! Remove any old nail polish, press those cuticles down (don't cut them!) and buff those nails so your polygel has something to stick onto!

Choose your favourite colour

There's plenty of luxurious NailJealy colours for every mood. Perhaps you're wanting a classic red? Try our Play range today.

Choose the perfect dual form size for your nail 

There's a perfect size for every nail - trust us!

Apply the NailJealy base coat, then cure your nails under the LED lamp

Apply your base coat then sit and relax as your nails cure under the NailJealy LED lamp.

Smooth the polygel onto the dual form and go wild with creative designs

This is the fun part! As polygel is easily mouldable, you can play around with your nail design until it's perfect for you!

Remember, if the dual form is longer than your desired nail length, make sure you won't be filing and shaping the best part of your design off!

Cure the nail again, apply a top coat, shape to the desired length and cure once more

Place your dual form onto your nail, then pop it under the LED lamp to cure. Once your nail is cured, apply the all important top coat and you're nearly there!

Once you have shaped your nails to your desired length, place your hand under the LED lamp for the final time and admire your handiwork! 

Await the compliments

This one's easy - we give you permission to make your pals NailJealy!

If this has inspired you, why not begin your own polygel journey? The NailJealy Ultimate DIY Polygel Nail Kit Starter Pack contains everything you need for long incredible nails.

Buy today from the UK’s number one DIY polygel nail extension kit.

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